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CTO at Spacefill

Stéphane Klein harobed

CTO at Spacefill
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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# curl ... | bash
set -e
# make in case they aren't already there
mkdir -p "/usr/local/lib"
mkdir -p "/usr/local/bin"
# Check for Homebrew,
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Created Nov 30, 2018 — forked from klaaspieter/
Acronyms Seriously Suck - Elon Musk

From time to time, Musk will send out an e-mail to the entire company to enforce a new policy or let them know about something that's bothering him. One of the more famous e-mails arrived in May 2010 with the subject line: Acronyms Seriously Suck:

There is a creeping tendency to use made up acronyms at SpaceX. Excessive use of made up acronyms is a significant impediment to communication and keeping communication good as we grow is incredibly important. Individually, a few acronyms here and there may not seem so bad, but if a thousand people are making these up, over time the result will be a huge glossary that we have to issue to new employees. No one can actually remember all these acronyms and people don't want to seem dumb in a meeting, so they just sit there in ignorance. This is particularly tough on new employees.

That needs to stop immediately or I will take drastic action - I have given enough warning over the years. Unless an acronym is approved by me, it should not enter the SpaceX glossary.

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Created Aug 4, 2018
Print a trace of commands in bash without variable expansion
set -T
trap 'echo "> $BASH_COMMAND"' DEBUG
echo "$i"
(echo $i)
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Created Dec 3, 2017
Merge git `project/repos-b` in `project/repos-a` in `repos-b` subdirectory:

Merge project/repos-b in project/repos-a in repos-b subdirectory:

$ git clone
$ cd repos-a
$ git remote add -f repos-a
$ git merge -s ours --allow-unrelated-histories --no-commit repos-b/master
$ git read-tree --prefix=repos-b/ -u repos-b/master
$ git commit -m "Merge repos-b as our subdirectory"
$ git pull --allow-unrelated-histories -s subtree repos-b master
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Last active Nov 30, 2017
OSX Installation


Home brew packages:

$ brew install \
  coreutils \
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#include <stdio.h>
int main ()
int chiffres[3];
char *pn = 0;
x = 0;
pn = chiffres;
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#include <stdio.h>
void ft_is_negative(int n)
if (n < 0)
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# lxc: linux Container library
# Authors:
# Daniel Lezcano <>
# This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
View fabric switch_user content manager
from contextlib import nested
from fabric.api import task, run, settings, env
def switch_user(user):
return nested(settings(
host_string="%s@%s:%s" % (user, env['host'], env['port'])
harobed / gist:5845674
Created Jun 23, 2013
python assert equal with ellipsis
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import unittest
import re
class BaseTest(unittest.TestCase):
def assertEqualEllipsis(self, first, second, ellipsis_marker='...', msg=None):
Example :
>>> self.assertEqualEllipsis('foo123bar', '')
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