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Last active Jun 12, 2021
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const Middleware = require('../middleware/JwtMiddleware');
const Newsletter = require('../controllers/app/Newsletter');
const Welcome = require('../controllers/Welcome');
const Signup = require('../controllers/auth/Signup');
const Login = require('../controllers/auth/Login');
* All the API endpoint or routes to mars is loaded here. You can load in routes from anywhere but it's best that you load them in from the controllers.
* @author Ilori Stephen <>
* @param {Null}
* @returns {Function} Express
* @name Routes
* @alias ApplicationRoutes
module.exports = (App) => {
/* Are we still on earth? */
App.get('/api/v1/welcome', Welcome.whatYearIsIt);'/api/v1/newsletter', Newsletter.registerEmail);
/* Auth Routes */'/api/v1/login', Login.login);'/api/v1/register', Signup.signup);
/* In need of some inspiration? */
App.all('/api/v1/inspire', (req, res) => {
res.status(200).send('You can build anything you set your mind to!');
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