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Compile time DI for play
package application
import application.filters.ExampleFilter
import com.typesafe.config.Config
import controllers.HomeController
import play.api.ApplicationLoader.Context
import play.api.BuiltInComponentsFromContext
import play.api.cache.EhCacheComponents
import router.Routes
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext
class AppComponents(context: Context)(implicit val ec: ExecutionContext)
extends BuiltInComponentsFromContext(context)
with EhCacheComponents {
val config: Config = context.initialConfiguration.underlying
implicit val scheduler: Scheduler = actorSystem.scheduler
lazy val homeController = new HomeController()
// order matters - should be the same as routes file
lazy val router = new Routes(
val exampleFilter: ExampleFilter = new ExampleFilter()
override lazy val httpFilters = Seq(exampleFilter)
play.application.loader = application.AppLoader
package application
import play.api.ApplicationLoader.Context
import play.api.{Application, ApplicationLoader, LoggerConfigurator}
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext
class AppLoader extends ApplicationLoader {
implicit val ec: ExecutionContext = play.api.libs.concurrent.Execution.defaultContext
override def load(context: Context): Application = {
LoggerConfigurator(context.environment.classLoader).foreach {
val components: AppComponents = new AppComponents(context)
package controllers
import play.api.mvc._
import services.DummyService
import scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext
class HomeController(implicit ec: ExecutionContext) extends Controller {
def index = Action.async {

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jonas-depop commented May 4, 2018

To be complete you might want to add the configuration in application.conf


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harrylaou commented May 11, 2018

Right. Just did it.

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