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Maintainer's Responsibilities

Upstream Maintainer's Responsibilities

  • Maintainer is also the top contributor of the project.
  • Keep upsteam branch at production quality at all times.
  • Work with the release maintainer to keep the release branch stay as close as possible.
  • Accept only high quality pull-requests. Provide code reviews and guidance on incomming pull requests.
  • Maintainer's Github keys must be password protected securely.
  • Any public facing API or UI or architectural or significant changes requires approval from the architect.

Sub-Maintainer's Responsibilities

  • When maintainer is offline, sub-maintainer takes his/her responsibilities.

Release Maintainer's Responsibilities

  • Primary responsibility of the release maintainer is frequent high-quality releases.
  • Secure download servers and delivery streams.
  • All releases must be signed.
  • Sigining keys are secured on an isolated system.
  • Work with the upstream maintainer to keep the release branch stay as close as possible.
  • Release requires architect's and maintainer's approval.
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