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Last active Nov 24, 2017

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Google Summer Of Code 2017 Work Product - Harshit Prasad - FOSSASIA

GSoC 2017 Susper, Harshit Prasad - FOSSASIA

Google Summer Of Code 2017

Organisation: FOSSASIA

Project: Susper

Task: Enhancements in Susper Search Engine

This summer, I worked on FOSSASIA Susper project. I have contributed in two repositories in GSoC 2017 for FOSSASIA in Susper project. My project was mainly based on enhancing Susper search engine and implement new features to provide more enriched user experience. I have also worked on creating Dockerfile for deployment purpose of second generation YaCy_Grid_Mcp.

We have also followed best practices and work ethics to maintain code quality and structure. There should be no issue with site performance and stability.

My Contributions


  • All commits by me: Link
  • Issues opened by me: Link
  • Pull requests opened by me: Link


  • All commits by me: Link
  • All issues by me: Link
  • There are some more issues related to microservices of YaCy_Grid_Mcp which I have opened separately:
    • Issue on YaCy_Grid_Crawler: Link
    • Issue on YaCy_Grid_Parser: Link
    • Issue on YaCy_Grid_Loader: Link

Outcome of contributions


  • Improved UI of Knowledge Graph feature and Related Searches feature.
  • Implemented Auto-suggestion feature by integrating YaCy search API with the frontend.
  • Enhanced Susper search engine in terms of responsiveness for every screen size.
  • Implemented Text-To-Speech feature to provide users a better experience. Users can search for results using voice.
  • Implemented Speech-To-Text feature which works when user uses voice search. It utters the description from Knowledge Graph when results are loaded along with main details inside Knowledge box.
  • Implemented Themes for Susper. Currently, Susper is having at present five themes: dark, basic, contrast, terminal and default.
  • Integrated Codecov to Susper code repository to manage code coverage.
  • Refactored Dropdown menu by creating a separate component.
  • Enhanced Susper more towards material based UI.
  • Written unit tests using Jasmine for testing application.
  • Enhanced existing functionalities of the Susper.


  • Collaborated with other co-developers on building Docker image using Dockerfile. This docker image was further used by other co-developers to deploy second generation YaCy Grid on Google Cloud.


I also posted my weekly blogs. The complete list of blogs published by me, can be found here.


My daily scrum reports can be found here: Link

Additional Information

  • Organized a GSoC Meetup in my college: details
  • Twitter blog shares: Link
  • A screencast of Susper showcasing its major features and the work done during GSoC 2017: Link
  • Presentation of final work product: Link
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