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Created October 25, 2015 20:44
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Python script for counting words in emails
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup as bsoup
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
import humanfriendly
# Read in email data file
df = pd.read_csv('../bodytext.csv', header = 0)
# Filter out sent mail
emails = df.query('FromEmail != "[my email address]"').copy()
def wordCount(row):
if(row['Format'] == 'Html'):
return htmlWordCount(row['Body'])
return textWordCount(row['Body'])
def textWordCount(text):
if not(isinstance(text, str)):
return 0
return len(text.split(None))
def htmlWordCount(text):
if not(isinstance(text, str)):
return 0
soup = bsoup(text, 'html.parser')
if soup is None:
return 0
stripped = soup.get_text(" ", strip=True)
[s.extract() for s in soup(['style', 'script', 'head', 'title'])]
stripped = soup.get_text(" ", strip=True)
return textWordCount(stripped)
averageWordsPerMinute = 350
# Count the words in each message body
emails['WordCount'] = emails.apply(wordCount, axis=1)
emails['MinutesToRead'] = emails['WordCount'] / averageWordsPerMinute
# Get total number of minutes required to read all these emails
totalMinutes = emails['MinutesToRead'].sum()
# And convert that to a more human-readable timespan
timeToRead = humanfriendly.format_timespan(totalMinutes * 60)
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upasanas commented Dec 1, 2016

when i write this code in python,it shows error - no module named bs4 in line no.1.please help

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