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Request Camera Authorization - Snippet 1
import UIKit
import AVFoundation // 1: Import AVFoundation
class ViewController: UIViewController {
override func viewDidLoad() {
// 3: Get Camera Authorization and print the result
let authorizationStatus = getCameraAuthorization()
switch authorizationStatus {
case .notDetermined:
print("Camera permission has not yet granted. We can request camera permission from the user")
case .restricted:
print("User is not allowed to access media capture device.")
case .denied:
print("User has denied accessing camera. We need to request user to allow the camera permission from settings.")
case .authorized:
print("Camera permission was granted")
@unknown default:
print("Camera authorization status is unknown.")
// 2: Create method for getting camera authorization
func getCameraAuthorization() -> AVAuthorizationStatus {
let authorizationStatus = AVCaptureDevice.authorizationStatus(for: .video)
return authorizationStatus
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