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enter aes-256-cbc decryption password:
Here is our secp192k1 privkey:
We used ECIES (with AES-256-ECB) Scheme to encrypt the decryption password into the "Personal Code" which is BASE58 encoded.

hasherezade commented Jul 5, 2017

It seems that this is Janus' private key for all the previous Petyas. This key cannot help in case of EternalPetya, since, in this particular case, the Salsa keys are not encrypted with Janus' public key, but, instead of this, erased and lost forever. However, it can help to the people who were attacked by Petya/Goldeneye in the past. I will write a decryptor soon, stay tuned!


hasherezade commented Jul 24, 2017

The decryptor is ready. You can find it here:

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