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Last active February 22, 2024 21:18
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A color scheme for Windows Terminal

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€ Cyberpunk SCARLET for Windows Terminal

screenshot of terminal presenting colors and borg cowsay saying "Hello!"

profile settings in screenshot

  "colorScheme": "Cyberpunk SCARLET",
  "cursorHeight": 25,
  "cursorShape": "vintage",
  "fontFace": "Fira Code",
  "fontSize": 12,

πŸ”Œ Installation

  • Copy-paste the scheme into the schemes section of your Windows Terminal profiles.json settings. Click Ctrl+, to open them.
  • Add "colorScheme": "Cyberpunk SCARLET" in a profile.

πŸ™ Credits

Colors stolen by netrunners from the Cyberpurelnk theme for Visual Studio Code

"background": "#000807",
"black": "#65737e",
"blue": "#00a2ff",
"brightBlack": "#eeffff",
"brightBlue": "#2088ff",
"brightCyan": "#89ddff",
"brightGreen": "#00ff9c",
"brightPurple": "#b700ff",
"brightRed": "#ff0059",
"brightWhite": "#eeffff",
"brightYellow": "#fffc58",
"cyan": "#00c3ff",
"foreground": "#ff3270",
"green": "#9dff00",
"name": "Cyberpunk SCARLET",
"purple": "#a200ff",
"red": "#ff0000",
"white": "#ffffff",
"yellow": "#ffff00"
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