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Created May 2, 2022 16:08
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example lambda (python) handler processing subscribed CloudWatch Logs log event (via kinesis data stream)
import json
import gzip
import logging
from base64 import b64decode
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def handler(event, context):
"""example handler
:param event: kinesis records (payload is subscribed cloudwatch logs log event)
:type event: dict
:param context: lambda context
:type context: LambdaContext
result = []
for record in event['Records']:
encoded = record['kinesis']['data']
payload = gzip.decompress(b64decode(encoded))
payload = json.loads(payload) # payload is cw logs log event
ret = do_something(payload, context)
except Exception as e:
raise e
return result
def do_something(log_events, context):
log_group = log_events['logGroup']
log_stream = log_events['logStream']
for event in log_events['logEvents']:
timestamp = event['timestamp'] # in milli-sec
data = json.loads(event['message'])
# _id = data['id']
# _type = data['type']
details: dict = data['details']
error_name: str = details['error'] # built-in error or user defined exception
error_cause: dict = json.loads(details['cause'])
err_msg: str = error_cause['errorMessage']
err_type: str = error_cause['errorType']
stack_trace: list[str] = error_cause['stackTrace']{
'timestamp': timestamp,
'error_name': error_name,
'cause': {
'err_type': err_type,
'err_msg': err_msg,
'stack': stack_trace
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