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@hassanshamim hassanshamim/crunchy help Secret
Last active Aug 29, 2015

What would you like to do?
/[A-Z0-9]{2,}/ - regurgitate an expansion if one is known
<thing>++ - give thing some karma
<thing>-- - take away some of thing's karma
crunchy-ng bot
crunchy-ng btcminter
crunchy-ng enutrof
crunchy-ng ldap
crunchy-ng yermom
debug - {user: <user object to send message to>}
!(pulp me|pulp fiction) - Gets a quote from the movie
!3d me <url..url_n> [options] - 3D Print the URLs
!3d? - Show some help
!<user> doesn't have <role> role - Removes a role from a user
!<user> has <role> role - Assigns a role to a user
!<user> is a badass guitarist - assign a role to a user
!<user> is not a badass guitarist - remove a role from a user
!achewood - A random Achewood comic
!achewood <date> - Achewood comic from <date> - mm/dd/yyyy format
!achewood <keyword> - Achewood comic for keyword
!achewood current - The most recent Achewood comic
!acro <acronym> <expansion> - Store an expansion
!ambush <user name>: <message>
!animate me <query> - The same thing as `image me`, except adds a few parameters to try to return an animated GIF instead.
!btc <exchange> - Gives current value in in <exchange> (defaults to mtgoxUSD)
!convert me <expression> to <units> - Convert expression to given units.
!die - End crunchy process
!echo <text> - Reply back with <text>
!eightball <query> - Ask the magic eight ball a question
!expand <acronym> - don't give expansions for the acronym
!fake event <event> - Triggers the <event> event for debugging reasons
!fitbit approve - Approve pending requests
!fitbit leaders - Show table of leaders
!fitbit register - Show how to friend the bot
!forget <key> - Removes key from crunchys brain.
!foursquare <user> as <user id> - Hints for the bot to locate a user
!foursquare approve - Approves the bot user's pending friend requests
!foursquare forget <user> - Removes an existing hint to locate a user
!foursquare friends - Lists the friends of the bot
!foursquare register - Tells how to friend the bot
!help - Displays all of the help commands that crunchy knows about.
!help <query> - Displays all help commands that match <query>.
!image me <query> - The Original. Queries Google Images for <query> and returns a random top result.
!karma <thing> - check thing's karma (if <thing> is omitted, show the top 5)
!karma best - show the top 5
!karma empty <thing> - empty a thing's karma
!karma worst - show the bottom 5
!map me <query> - Returns a map view of the area returned by `query`.
!math me <expression> - Calculate the given expression.
!mustache me <query> - Searches Google Images for the specified query and mustaches it.
!mustache me <url> - Adds a mustache to the specified URL.
!number - returns a fact about random number
!number n - returns a fact about number n
!ping - Reply with pong
!pollen - Gets pollen status for Nashville, Tennessee
!preds - Gets current data from SportsClubStats
!pug bomb N - get N pugs
!pug me - Receive a pug
!radar me <location> - recent radar image
!random memory - Returns a random string
!refresh-shell - reload known shell commands
!remember <key> - Returns a string
!remember <key> is <value>. - Returns nothing. Remembers the text for next time!
!saddest thing - The saddest thing, according to Lie Bot
!satellite me <location> - get a recent satellite image
!show <chat user's> issues -- Lists all issues for chat user IFF crunchy_GITHUB_USER_(.*) configured
!show [me] [<limit> [of]] [<assignee>'s|my] [<label>] issues [for <user/repo>] [about <query>] -- Shows open GitHub issues for repo.
!show [me] issues -- Lists all issues IFF crunchy_GITHUB_REPO configured
!show [me] issues for <repo> -- List all issues for given repo IFF crunchy_GITHUB_USER configured
!show [me] issues for <user/repo> -- List all issues for given repo
!show storage - Display the contents that are persisted in the brain
!show users - Display all users that crunchy knows about
!shutup <acronym> - don't give expansions for the acronym
!special|sandwich|mitchell|sammich me - attempts to get the today's tweet containing the word "special" from @MitchellDeli
!the rules - Make sure crunchy still knows the rules.
!thought - Get a random deep thought.
!time - Reply with current time
!translate me <phrase> - Searches for a translation for the <phrase> and then prints that bad boy out.
!translate me from <source> into <target> <phrase> - Translates <phrase> from <source> into <target>. Both <source> and <target> are optional
!unison - Tells the way.
!urban define me <term> - Searches Urban Dictionary and returns definition
!urban example me <term> - Searches Urban Dictionary and returns example
!urban me <term> - Searches Urban Dictionary and returns definition
!weather me <location> - short-term forecast
!weathercam me <location> - get a weather webcam image near location
!what are your favorite memories? - Returns a list of the most remembered memories.
!what do you remember - Returns everything crunchy remembers.
!what is <term>? - Searches Urban Dictionary and returns definition
!what role does <user> have - Find out what roles are assigned to a specific user
!who has admin role - Find out who's an admin and can assign roles
!who is <user> - see what roles a user has
!wiki me <query> - Searches for <query> on Wikipedia.
!youtube me <query> - Searches YouTube for the query and returns the video embed link.
ship it - Display a motivation squirrel
where is <user>? - Filters recent checkins to a particular subset of users
where is bill? - Tell us where, where the hell Bill is.
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