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Last active March 6, 2023 10:52
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Switch statement on C++ type in Qt
constexpr quint64 label(const char *const s, size_t shift = 0)
if (s[0] == '\0')
return 0; // end of string
if (shift == 56)
return 0; // avoid integer overflow
return (static_cast<quint64>(s[0]) << shift) ^ label(&s[1], shift + 1);
template<typename T>
constexpr auto label()
return label(QMetaType::fromType<T>().name());
constexpr auto label(QMetaType metaType)
return label(;
static_assert(label<int>() != label<uint>());
void demo(const QObject *obj)
switch (label(obj->metaObject()->metaType())) {
case label<QLabel>():
qInfo() << "This is a label";
case label<QButton>():
qInfo() << "This is a button";
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hasselmm commented Mar 6, 2023

Why switch instead of the usual if-else-forest of dynamic casts?

  • Constant-time execution: It's a single lookup, instead a random number of casts, depending on how late the matching cast can be found in your if-else-forest.
  • The compiler detects duplicate in switch statements, which is not supported for if-else-forests.

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