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havvg/collection.js Secret

Last active Dec 21, 2017
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jQuery(function($) {
$(document).on('click', '.btn-add[data-target]', function(event) {
var collectionHolder = $('#' + $(this).attr('data-target'));
if (!collectionHolder.attr('data-counter')) {
collectionHolder.attr('data-counter', collectionHolder.children().length);
var prototype = collectionHolder.attr('data-prototype');
var form = prototype.replace(/__name__/g, collectionHolder.attr('data-counter'));
collectionHolder.attr('data-counter', Number(collectionHolder.attr('data-counter')) + 1);
event && event.preventDefault();
$(document).on('click', '.btn-remove[data-related]', function(event) {
var name = $(this).attr('data-related');
event && event.preventDefault();
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