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Guideline and note on crafting out a minimal long running process via systemd config file (sweat and tears in the process)
Description=My systemd service
# allow cap of 4 attempts to start the process
# within 1 second, if not success, then give up
ExecStart=/always/use/the/absolute/path/command --something --another-flag
# we won't be able to fail the systemd process with this line
# as it is executed inside `bash -c`. But this will allow us to
# pipe, otherwise output of command will be shown in `StandardOutput` e.g. journal.
ExecStartPost=bash -c 'curl -s "" > /dev/null'
# better use ExecStopPost in order to cover both normal restart of process, and
# unexpected restart (process crashes). ExecStop= only gets executed when
# ExecStart= successfully starts only, otherwise it won't get executed.
# recommended to use this instead of Environment= or various others
# due to security. This one strikes balance in ease of use, and maintain
# security. If you `systemctl show <service>`, it will output all environment
# variables as defined inside systemd config file, but not for EnvironmentFile=.
# As well, we can set permission accordingly for our envrionment variable file.
# So only us can read. Note, these variables will be passed before process runs.
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