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Created Jan 9, 2017
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Example of Snapfile working with fastlane version 2.5.0
# Uncomment the lines below you want to change by removing the # in the beginning
# A list of devices you want to take the screenshots from
"iPhone 6",
"iPhone 6 Plus",
"iPhone 5",
"iPad Pro (12.9 inch)"
# "iPad Pro (9.7 inch)",
# "Apple TV 1080p"
#["pt", "pt_BR"] # Portuguese with Brazilian locale
# The name of the scheme which contains the UI Tests
scheme "FastlaneTestUITests"
# Where should the resulting screenshots be stored?
output_directory "./screenshots"
clear_previous_screenshots true # remove the '#' to clear all previously generated screenshots before creating new ones
# Choose which project/workspace to use
project "./FastlaneTest.xcodeproj"
# workspace "./Project.xcworkspace"
# Arguments to pass to the app on launch. See
# launch_arguments(["-favColor red"])
# For more information about all available options run
# snapshot --help
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