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Created November 10, 2016 14:17
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" vim-metarepeat provides an operator (like) mapping which runs dot repeat for
" every occurence matched by last pattern (@/) in range (specified by motion or
" textobject).
" vim-metarepeat is inspired by 'Occurrence modifier, preset-occurrence,
" persistence-selection' feature
" But it's not a port of these feature. In similar to vim-mode-plus terms,
" vim-metarepeat provides 'preset-operation-for-occurence' feature (it's just
" a operator + 'gn') and provides a way to apply the operation for each
" occurences in textobject.
" - highlight changed text to make changed texts clear for users?
nnoremap <expr> <Plug>(metarepeat) <SID>metarepeat()
xnoremap <Plug>(metarepeat) <Esc>:<C-u>call <SID>setview() <bar> call <SID>selected()<CR>
map g. <Plug>(metarepeat)
let s:saveview = {}
function! s:setview() abort
let s:saveview = winsaveview()
" s:metarepeat() is expected to be called with <expr> mapping.
" It registers CursorMoved event and returns 'v'.
" By using 'v' (starting visual mode) and exiting visual mode with first
" CursorMoved, it emulates 'operator' behavior without breaking dot repeat.
" (g@ breaks dot repeat)
function! s:metarepeat() abort
augroup metarepeat-move-once
autocmd CursorMoved * call s:hook_after_move()
augroup END
call s:setview()
return 'v'
function! s:hook_after_move() abort
autocmd! metarepeat-move-once
execute 'normal!' "\<Esc>"
call s:selected()
" s:selected is expected to be called in normal mode and target has been
" selected.
function! s:selected() abort
call s:metaoperate(getpos("'<"), getpos("'>"), @/)
" s:metaoperate() execute dot repeat for every pattern occurence between start
" and end position.
" start: [bufnum, lnum, col, off]
" end: [bufnum, lnum, col, off]
" pattern: [bufnum, lnum, col, off]
function! s:metaoperate(start, end, pattern) abort
call setpos('.', a:start)
let first = v:true
let endline = a:end[1]
let endcol = a:end[2]
let stopline = endline + 1
while v:true
let flag = first ? 'c' : ''
let [lnum, col] = searchpos(a:pattern, flag, stopline)
if (lnum ==# 0 && col ==# 0) || lnum > endline || (lnum ==# endline && col > endcol)
normal! .
let first = v:false
if s:saveview !=# {}
call winrestview(s:saveview)
let s:saveview = {}
" ---
" support multiple preset-occurrence like feature by providing append preset
" occurence mapping. It only supports 'appending' because we cannot reset
" preset occurence after operation.
nnoremap <silent> <Plug>(append-preset-occurence) :<C-u>call <SID>append_preset_occurence() <bar> set hlsearch<CR>
nmap go <Plug>(append-preset-occurence)
function! s:append_preset_occurence() abort
let @/ = @/ . '\V\|\<' . escape(expand('<cword>'), '\') . '\>'
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