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Haydar Ali Ismail haydarai

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[INFO] Node Sass could not find a binding for your current environment: OS X 64-bit with Node.js 9.x
[INFO] Found bindings for the following environments:
[INFO] - OS X 64-bit with Node.js 8.x
[INFO] This usually happens because your environment has changed since running `npm install`.


Activity tracker for sales

Environment Setup

  1. Copy and paste .env.example as .env and change variables inside the file accordingly
  2. Put firebase service account file in keys folder as firebase.json

Build Setup

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function Human (name) { = name;
Human.prototype.sayHello = function () {
setTimeout(function () {
}, 0)
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var url = 'elastic/tw_post_ews*/_search?q=ori_post:' + +
'&size=' + total;
var urltop10 = 'elastic/tw_post_ews*/_search?size=' + total;
console.log("ini url", url);
// var url_chart = 'elastic/_search?&size='+total;
var body = {
"query": {
"range": {
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
import scrapy
import unidecode
import re
import uuid
from dotenv import load_dotenv
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
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Sorry, this file is invalid so it cannot be displayed.
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"Afghanistan": [
"Date": 1999,
"Imports": "15",
"Exports": "20"
"Date": 2008,
"Imports": "42",
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select date_dim.d_year, item.i_item_sk, reason.r_reason_sk, sum(catalog_returns.cr_return_quantity) as quantity
from catalog_returns, date_dim, item, reason
where catalog_returns.cr_returned_date_sk = date_dim.d_date_sk
and catalog_returns.cr_item_sk = item.i_item_sk
and catalog_returns.cr_reason_sk = reason.r_reason_sk
group by cube(date_dim.d_year, item.i_item_sk, reason.r_reason_sk)
order by date_dim.d_year, item.i_item_sk, reason.r_reason_sk
View store_returns.sql
select date_dim.d_year, item.i_item_sk, reason.r_reason_sk, sum(sr_return_quantity) as quantity
from store_returns, date_dim, item, reason
where store_returns.sr_returned_date_sk = date_dim.d_date_sk
and store_returns.sr_item_sk = item.i_item_sk
and store_returns.sr_reason_sk = reason.r_reason_sk
group by cube(date_dim.d_year, sr_item_sk, r_reason_sk)
order by date_dim.d_year,, item.i_item_sk
View web_returns.sql
select date_dim.d_year, item.i_item_sk, reason.r_reason_desc, sum(wr_return_quantity) as quantity
from web_returns, date_dim, item, reason
where web_returns.wr_returned_date_sk = date_dim.d_date_sk
and web_returns.wr_item_sk = item.i_item_sk
and web_returns.wr_reason_sk = reason.r_reason_sk
group by cube(date_dim.d_year, item.i_item_sk, reason.r_reason_desc)
order by date_dim.d_year, i_item_sk, reason.r_reason_desc
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