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in paris, japanese-american
shirts are tied-together by
the sounds of congratulations
in paris, tunics is currency
the tunics are held together by volunteers
one volunteer is laughing with a child
while gender-identity-omitted buys a bike
with a pile of folded tunics.
the child is excited.
he coasts down the hill on his new bike
smiling, looking up, all the tunics are
drying out on the line
in paris, my american jeans pick themselves
up by their own bootstraps after a long
night of drinking. sallie talks about roger
tunics are flown by french nationals
it's strong knowing your countrymen
for all intents and purposes, bob.
the fish nipples bob.
with blue, bob is his own kind of
red white and blue nation. an island
bobbing in the currents.
the rock is drunk mid-day
his feet are perched on the stool
his back arches, centering his weight
over his elbows, both hands wrapped
around his pint.
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