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We climb the walls of Hell one centimetre at a time

Emanuele Di Saverio hazam

We climb the walls of Hell one centimetre at a time
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  • Milan, Italy
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Core.inRange(mHsvMat, ncb.lowerBound, ncb.upperBound, mMask)
Imgproc.dilate(mMask, mDilatedMask, kernel)
val contours = ArrayList<MatOfPoint>()
Imgproc.findContours(mDilatedMask, contours, mHierarchy, Imgproc.RETR_EXTERNAL, Imgproc.CHAIN_APPROX_SIMPLE)
// Imgproc.drawContours(rgbaImage, contours, -1, new Scalar( 0,255, 0, 255));
// Find max contour area
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hazam /
Created Nov 11, 2014
Dishomogeneous lists: cast vs wrapperclass
public class PerfTest extends TestCase {
private static final int RUNS = 1000000;
private ArrayList<Object> dishomo = new ArrayList<Object>();