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internal static IQueryable<TEntity> Include<TEntity>(this IQueryable<TEntity> query, DbContext context, params string[] includes) where TEntity : class
// Do a safety check first
if (includes == null)
return query;
List<string> includeList = new List<string>();
if (includes.Any())
return includes
.Where(x => !string.IsNullOrEmpty(x) && !includeList.Contains(x))
.Aggregate(query, (current, include) => current.Include(include));
IEnumerable<INavigation> navigationProperties = context.Model.FindEntityType(typeof(TEntity)).GetNavigations();
if (navigationProperties == null)
return query;
foreach (INavigation navigationProperty in navigationProperties)
if (includeList.Contains(navigationProperty.Name))
query = query.Include(navigationProperty.Name);
return query;
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