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Created August 29, 2023 07:23
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from PIL import Image, ImageDraw
import random
class Cell:
wall_pairs = {'N': 'S', 'S': 'N', 'E': 'W', 'W': 'E'}
def __init__(self, x, y):
self.x, self.y = x, y
self.walls = {'N': True, 'S': True, 'E': True, 'W': True}
def has_all_walls(self):
return all(self.walls.values())
def knock_down_wall(self, other, wall):
self.walls[wall] = False
other.walls[Cell.wall_pairs[wall]] = False
class Maze:
def __init__(self, nx, ny, ix=0, iy=0):
self.nx, self.ny = nx, ny
self.ix, self.iy = ix, iy
self.maze_map = [[Cell(x, y) for y in range(ny)] for x in range(nx)]
def cell_at(self, x, y):
return self.maze_map[x][y]
def find_valid_neighbours(self, cell):
delta = [('W', (-1, 0)), ('E', (1, 0)), ('S', (0, 1)), ('N', (0, -1))]
neighbours = []
for direction, (dx, dy) in delta:
x2, y2 = cell.x + dx, cell.y + dy
if (0 <= x2 < self.nx) and (0 <= y2 < self.ny):
neighbour = self.cell_at(x2, y2)
if neighbour.has_all_walls():
neighbours.append((direction, neighbour))
return neighbours
def make_maze(self):
n = self.nx * self.ny
cell_stack = []
current_cell = self.cell_at(self.ix, self.iy)
nv = 1
while nv < n:
neighbours = self.find_valid_neighbours(current_cell)
if not neighbours:
current_cell = cell_stack.pop()
direction, next_cell = random.choice(neighbours)
current_cell.knock_down_wall(next_cell, direction)
current_cell = next_cell
nv += 1
def write_png(self, filename):
cell_size = 20
img_width = self.nx * cell_size
img_height = self.ny * cell_size
img ="RGB", (img_width, img_height), "white")
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(img)
for x in range(self.nx):
for y in range(self.ny):
cell = self.cell_at(x, y)
x1, y1 = x * cell_size, y * cell_size
x2, y2 = (x + 1) * cell_size, (y + 1) * cell_size
if cell.walls['N']:
draw.line([(x1, y1), (x2, y1)], fill="black", width=1)
if cell.walls['S']:
draw.line([(x1, y2), (x2, y2)], fill="black", width=1)
if cell.walls['E']:
draw.line([(x2, y1), (x2, y2)], fill="black", width=1)
if cell.walls['W']:
draw.line([(x1, y1), (x1, y2)], fill="black", width=1)
if __name__ == '__main__':
maze = Maze(10, 10)
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