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Last active Aug 2, 2017
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perf impact of reordering declaration ref list
var master = [15.985, 15.774, 16.664, 16.111, 15.889, 15.603, 15.598, 15.690, 15.602, 16.159];
var reordered = [15.831, 16.182, 16.519, 15.383, 15.936, 15.888, 15.645, 15.775, 15.749, 16.076];
function mean(arr) {
return arr.reduce(function(x,y) { return x + y; }) / arr.length;
function variance(arr) {
var m = mean(arr);
return mean( {
var diff = x - m;
return diff*diff;
function stddev(arr) {
return Math.sqrt(variance(arr));
function summarise(title, arr) {
console.log(title + ":");
console.log("mean: " + mean(arr) + "s");
console.log("std dev: " + stddev(arr) + "s");
summarise("master", master);
summarise("reordered", reordered);
*** current master ***
real 0m15.985s
user 1m24.916s
sys 0m26.712s
real 0m15.774s
user 1m25.188s
sys 0m25.840s
real 0m16.664s
user 1m29.352s
sys 0m27.292s
real 0m16.111s
user 1m25.568s
sys 0m27.128s
real 0m15.889s
user 1m25.332s
sys 0m26.176s
real 0m15.603s
user 1m23.188s
sys 0m26.628s
real 0m15.598s
user 1m22.132s
sys 0m27.304s
real 0m15.690s
user 1m23.196s
sys 0m26.740s
real 0m15.602s
user 1m24.196s
sys 0m25.564s
real 0m16.159s
user 1m25.284s
sys 0m27.264s
*** this branch ***
real 0m15.831s
user 1m24.448s
sys 0m26.440s
real 0m16.182s
user 1m25.628s
sys 0m27.200s
real 0m16.519s
user 1m26.384s
sys 0m28.056s
real 0m15.383s
user 1m21.764s
sys 0m26.812s
real 0m15.936s
user 1m25.824s
sys 0m25.820s
real 0m15.888s
user 1m25.448s
sys 0m25.952s
real 0m15.645s
user 1m23.276s
sys 0m26.700s
real 0m15.775s
user 1m24.872s
sys 0m25.908s
real 0m15.749s
user 1m25.428s
sys 0m25.632s
real 0m16.076s
user 1m24.292s
sys 0m27.124s

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@hdgarrood hdgarrood commented Aug 2, 2017


mean: 15.907499999999999s
std dev: 0.3209788933870889s
mean: 15.8984s
std dev: 0.29505531684753594s
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