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Jesús R. Robles hdml

  • Guadalajara, MX
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Pasos para rehabilitar MiBici GDL con tarjeta BBVA Bancomer

No trabajo para ninguna institución, es sólo mi observación y experiencia de tener que hablar cada mes para desatorar mi pago

Después del día 22 del mes, se intentan 3 veces los cobros a nombre de SEJ REINTEGROS

Al día 23 se bloquea la llave de MiBici, para volver a habilitarla, sigue en orden estos pasos

  1. Llamar a BBVA confirmación de consumos al 5556241130
  2. Mencionar "quiero quitar el bloqueo preventivo de mi tarjeta"
hdml / nut_osx.txt
Last active Dec 1, 2021 — forked from 2b/nut_osx.txt
Network UPS Tools on macOS High Sierra (netclient)
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#install homebrew
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
#install network ups tools
brew update
brew install nut
#create directories and change permissions
sudo mkdir -p /var/state/ups/upssched/
sudo chown -R `whoami`:nobody /var/state/ups
sudo chmod 775 /var/state/ups/
hdml /
Created Aug 1, 2017
Apple Motion too slow when dragging a picture

Does your Motion Project beachballs to a halt when you try and drag a picture?

Fear not! just disable Inset View and your problems will be over.

hdml /
Created Apr 19, 2017
Custom SSL Certificate for Windows RDP Service

##Custom SSL Certificate for Windows RDP Service


  • Windows 8+ or Server 2012+
  • Certificate with private key (*.p12)
  • Intermediate CA certificate (*.cer)
  • Administrative rights to modify the certificate store
hdml /
Last active Dec 7, 2021
Installing a custom SSL cert on a Unifi Controller

##Installing a custom SSL cert on Unifi Controller


  • Domain certificate (*.crt)
  • Certificate key (*.key)
  • Intermediate certificate from CA (*.crt, *.pem)
  • Permissions to restart the unifi service
  • Debian or Ubuntu Unifi Controller installation
hdml / anorex.css
Last active Dec 3, 2016
Stylesheet from rehosted for its preservation.
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*{padding:0em;margin:0em;}html{min-width:930px;width:100%;}body{width:100%;background:url('');font-family:tahoma,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:8pt;color:#492802;}a{color:#6B481E;text-decoration:none;border:none;}a:hover{text-decoration:none;color:#A56A22;}h1,h2,h3,h4{margin:5px 0px;}h2{text-align:center;}h4{font-size:8pt;}p{margin:10px 5px;}li{margin:5px 15px;}input{padding:2px 3px;}textarea{padding:2px 3px;}img{border:none;}.r00{color:#FF0000;}.r01{color:#FF1300;}.r02{color:#FF1300;}.r03{color:#FF2600;}.r04{color:#FF4C00;}.r05{color:#FF5E00;}.r06{color:#FF5E00;}.r07{color:#FF7100;}.r08{color:#FF9700;}.r09{color:#FFAA00;}.r10{color:#74C42E;}.r20{color:#418B00;}.r50{color:#418B00;}.r99{color:#418B00;}span.size1{font-size:0.75em;}span.size2{font-size:1em;}span.size3{font-size:1.25em;}span.size4{font-size:1.5em;}span.size5{font-size:1.75em;}span.size6{font-size:2em;}span.size7{font-size:2.25em;}span.size8{font-size:2.5em;}span.size9{font-size:2.75em;}span.size10{font-size:3em;}ul.thi
hdml / bancomer-filtros-ublock.txt
Last active Oct 20, 2017
Filtros para uBlock Origin para el portal de Bancomer
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hdml / installing pi-signage as a system
Last active Mar 17, 2016
Pi-Signage node as a system service in CentOS 7
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##Pi-Signage node as a system service ###Installing a node instance as a system service in CentOS 7

You need a user with sudo privileges, but limited to running node. This example will use the user mediaservice

$ visudo

Change the line Defaults: requiretty


hdml /
Last active Mar 15, 2016
Installing PiSignage on CentOS 7.2

#Installing colloqui's PiSignage on CentOS 7.2

##Create the server user sudo adduser mediaservice sudo gpasswd -a mediaservice wheel

This user will run your PiSignage server instance

##Installing Mongo DB

hdml / - Syncthing + start on
Last active Apr 11, 2021
How to install Syncthing on Raspberry Pi + start on boot [semi-automatic]
View - Syncthing + start on


$ curl -s | sudo bash

Start syncthing

$ syncthing

Wait until you get something like: