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Built-in atomic variables for JRuby...hopefully we can get this into Ruby 2.2

Currently, in order to have atomic operations in Ruby you must use my "atomic" gem. Ideally, we'd have VM-level support for atomic operations on instance variables, to enable us to build higher-level concurrency abstractions efficiently.

See if you'd like to contribute to this effort.

>> class Foo
>> attr_accessor :bar, atomic: true
>> end
=> nil
>> hello, goodbye = 'hello'.freeze, 'goodbye'.freeze
=> ["hello", "goodbye"]
>> f =
=> #<Foo:0x32f67bbb>
>> = hello
=> "hello"
>> f.bar_swap goodbye
=> "hello"
=> "goodbye"
>> f.bar_cas hello, 'world'
=> false
=> "goodbye"
>> f.bar_cas goodbye, 'world'
=> true
=> "world"

What's the difference between #bar= and #bar_swap here? I see it's distinct from CAS, and there's no expected value passed in.


I'll answer my own lazy question - it returns the old value, where assignment returns the new value.

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