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Convert notes from OneNote into Markdown

Converting One Note to Markdown

This is an example of how to convert notes from OneNote into Markdown to use in other, less annoying Note applications. I am using PowerShell on Windows here, but other shell/scripting environments would work as well. If you want separate .md files, you'll need to export your OneNote pages separately. Exporting a section, or a selection of pages creates a single .docx file.

  • Download and install Pandoc
  • Export each of your note pages to a .docx (Word) format using OneNote export from the File menu
  • Gather all of these .docx files into a directory
  • Open directory in File Explorer
  • Open Powershell from the File Explorer using File -> Open Windows Powersell
  • Run the following command:

ForEach ($result in Get-ChildItem | select Name, BaseName) { pandoc.exe -f docx -t markdown_strict -i $result.Name -o "$($result.BaseName).md" --wrap=none --atx-headers }

  • markdown-strict is the type of Markdown. Other variants exist in the Pandoc documentation
  • --wrap=none ensures that text in the new .md files doesn't get wrapped to new lines after 80 characters
  • --atx-headers makes headers in the new .md files appear as # h1, ## h2 and so on
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ichemshirova commented Nov 19, 2019

any clues on how to achieve this on mac OS?

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heardk commented Nov 19, 2019

You can download and install Pandoc on Mac OS: Then you should just be able to use commands in the terminal to get what you want. See examples on the Pandoc site.

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SjoerdV commented May 30, 2020

Shameless Plug: if you want to do OneNote2Markdown conversion and have better Notebook/Section/Page and image handling, try the script here:

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projectje commented Jan 6, 2021

Why is -i used ?

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C0rporeus commented Nov 30, 2021

@projectje In my case I need to export my notes from OneNote to use them in a software called "obsidian" this in order to implement "zettelkasten" as a study methodology

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simpleneeraj commented Dec 14, 2021



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projectje commented Dec 14, 2021


-i, --incremental

Make list items in slide shows display incrementally (one by one). The default is for lists to be displayed all at once.

I wrote / copied and pasted together a little while ago a one-note exporter but when i looked at this one i noticed the -i so back then i thought it was a bug. (did: )

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rrandor1 commented Mar 11, 2022

@SjoerdV Does your code work with Mac? What modifications are needed?

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SjoerdV commented Mar 11, 2022

@SjoerdV Does your code work with Mac? What modifications are needed?

afraid not. The API used in the script is Windows only (COM objects and stuff..). Rewrite to use the Graph API ‘might’ work. That would be a project on its own

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