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A fix that enables IE11 for the WPF browser control.
internal static class WebBrowserIE11Fix
public static void SetIE11KeyforWebBrowserControl(string processPath = null)
if (processPath == null)
processPath = Process.GetCurrentProcess().ProcessName + ".exe";
RegistryKey Regkey = null;
Regkey = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey(false
? @"SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\MAIN\\FeatureControl\\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION"
: @"SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Internet Explorer\\Main\\FeatureControl\\FEATURE_BROWSER_EMULATION", true);
if (Regkey == null)
Debug.WriteLine("Could not open registry key to set IE11 for browser control");
// see
var emulationCode = (int)Regkey.GetValue(processPath);
const int ie11Code = 11000;
if (emulationCode != ie11Code)
Debug.WriteLine("Key already set to a different value ({0}), overwriting.", emulationCode);
Regkey.SetValue(processPath, ie11Code, RegistryValueKind.DWord);
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