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AssemblyInfo.cs update version info
def set_package_version(manifest_file, target_version):
from xml.etree import ElementTree as et
et.register_namespace("", "")
et.register_namespace("uap", "")
tree = et.parse(manifest_file)
e = tree.find('{}Identity')
e.attrib['Version'] = target_version
tree.write(manifest_file, xml_declaration=True, encoding='utf-8')
import re
import sys
def set_version(infocs, target_version):
if not infocs or not target_version:
raise Exception('invalid param')
with open(infocs, "r+") as f:
assemblyinfo_cs =
pattern_1 = re.compile(r'AssemblyVersion\("[0-9]+(\.([0-9]+|\*)){1,3}"\)', re.MULTILINE)
pattern_2 = re.compile(r'AssemblyFileVersion\("[0-9]+(\.([0-9]+|\*)){1,3}"\)', re.MULTILINE)
sub1 = r'AssemblyVersion("{}")'.format(target_version)
sub2 = r'AssemblyFileVersion("{}")'.format(target_version)
phase_1 = re.sub(pattern_1, sub1, assemblyinfo_cs)
phase_2 = re.sub(pattern_2, sub2, phase_1)

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@heejune heejune commented Sep 22, 2017

  1. - Change the version info string inside the AssemblyInfo.cs file
  2. - Change the version of the deployment package, which is located in Package.appxmanifest
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