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struct routing_record
virtual reply handle(void*) abstract;
template <typename T>
struct typed_routing_recored;
template <typename RetType, typename classTy, typename... ArgType>
struct typed_routing_recored<RetType(classTy::*)(ArgType...) const> : public routing_record
std::function<RetType(ArgType...)> stdfn;
: stdfn(pfn) {}
virtual reply handle(void* args) override
static const std::size_t typesize = sizeof...(ArgType);
auto tuple = static_cast<std::tuple<typename std::decay<ArgType>::type...>*> (args);
return _handle(*tuple, std::index_sequence_for<ArgType...>());
template <std::size_t... Is>
RetType _handle(const std::tuple<ArgType...>& tuple, std::index_sequence<Is...>)
return (stdfn)(std::get<Is>(tuple)...);
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