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@heikkil heikkil/raw_copy
Created Feb 4, 2016

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copy raw images corresponding to jpgs in a subdir into an other subdir
#!/usr/bin/env perl
use Modern::Perl;
use File::Find;
use Getopt::Long;
use constant PROGRAMME_NAME => 'raw_copy';
use constant VERSION => '0.2';
'v|version' => sub{ print PROGRAMME_NAME, ", version ", VERSION, "\n";
exit; },
'h|help|?' => sub{ exec('perldoc', $0); exit},
my $SOURCE_SUBDIR_NAME = "copied";
unless (-e $SOURCE_SUBDIR_NAME ) {
say "No such subdir [$SOURCE_SUBDIR_NAME]";
exit 1;
# file endings to look for
my @RAW = qw(RW2 NEF ORF);
my $VIEW1 = 'JPG';
my $VIEW2 = 'jpg';
# dir to look into, default to pwd
my $dir = shift;
$dir ||= '.';
my $selected = $dir. "/". $SOURCE_SUBDIR_NAME;
my $copydir = $dir. "/". $TARGET_SUBDIR_NAME;
mkdir $copydir unless -e $copydir;
my $files; # data structure
find(\&collect, $selected); # fill the data structure with files
# the wanted subroutine for File::Find
sub collect {
# process pathname
my ($path, $ext) = $File::Find::name =~ /(.*)\.(.*)/;
return unless $ext eq $VIEW1 or $ext eq $VIEW2;
$path =~ s/.*\///;
#say $path. "";
# check and copy the raw file
for my $r (@RAW) {
copy ("../$path.$r") if -e "../$path.$r";
sub copy {
my $file = shift;
say $file;
`cp $file ../raw`;
=head1 NAME
B<raw_copy> -- copy raw images corresponding to jpgs in a subdir
B<raw_copy> [B<-v|--version> | [B<-h|--help>] [work_dir]
This script creates a copy of all raw files in the directory given as
unnamed argument with a JPG file in the copied subdirectory. The
work directory defaults to working directory. The copies are placed in
a new subdirectory 'raw'.
This is part of the workflow where raw files are processed into jpgs.
=head1 LICENSE
You may distribute this program under the same terms as perl itself.
=head1 AUTHOR
Heikki Lehvaslaiho, heikki lehvaslaiho a gmail com
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