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Additions to org template hydra at
_c_enter _q_uote _e_macs-lisp _L_aTeX:
_l_atex _e_xample _p_erl _i_ndex:
_a_scii _v_erse _P_erl tangled _I_NCLUDE:
_s_rc ^ ^ plant_u_ml _H_TML:
_h_tml ^ ^ ^ ^ _A_SCII:
("e" (progn (hot-expand "<s") (insert "emacs-lisp") (forward-line)))
("p" (progn (hot-expand "<s") (insert "perl") (forward-line)))
("u" (progn (hot-expand "<s") (insert "plantuml :file CHANGE.png") (forward-line)))
("P" (progn
(insert "#+HEADERS: :results output :exports both :shebang \"#!/usr/bin/env perl\"\n")
(hot-expand "<s")
(insert "perl")
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