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Documentation about the possible menu entries in the OpenAge Settings.

Settings Menu Entries for OpenAge

Bold: Options from HD, UserPatch and Voobly

Italic: Options that will likely be in OpenAge

Normal: Nice-to-have features

General Game Settings


  • Create Profile
  • Change Profile
  • Delete Profile
  • Language Selection
  • Change Player name for multiplayer
  • Subtitle language
  • Use native voice-over in campaigns


  • Display Mode (Windowed, Full Screen, Full Desktop)
  • Change Resolution
  • Vertical sync
  • Render 3D Water
  • Antialias object shadows
  • Friend/Foe colors
  • Show Framerate
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Default zoom level
  • Pause on window focus loss
  • Font Size
  • Highlight units behind structures
  • Show Debugging Overlay
  • Turn on/off specific notifications
  • Change color of specific notifications
  • Frame limit (when in focus)
  • Frame limit (when out of focus, 0 to stop rendering when inactive)
  • Preferred Monitor (for fullscreen in multi monitor setup)


  • Master Volume
  • Music Volume
  • Allow Audio Taunts
  • FX Volume
  • Play Sound on Desktop
  • Taunt Volume
  • Allow Main Menu Music
  • Allow Ingame Music
  • Disable Audio Ducking


  • Scroll Speed
  • Scroll Inertia
  • Clamp mouse to window
  • Right mouse button scrolling
  • Two-Button Mouse
  • Drag-Select prefers military
  • Middle mouse button scrolling


  • Alt Key Garrisoning
  • View Hotkey Groups
  • Reset all keys
  • Change hotkey
  • Reset [single] hotkey
  • One-Click Garrisoning


  • Record Campaign Games
  • Default difficulty level
  • Default unit attack stance
  • Autosave intervall
  • Default formation type
  • Auto Combine unit types in selection (Instead of showing an icon per unit, show only one icon with a number)


  • Activate/Deactivate Mod
  • Show Description
  • Show Version
  • Check Conflicts (with other mods)


  • Game Speed
  • Alternative Input Methods (Controller, Speech, Touch, Gesture, Eye Tracking, Radial Menu, HeadMouse, etc.)
  • Mouse Sensitivity
  • Post Acceptance Delay
  • Color Blind Settings
  • Set Text Color
  • Set Text Background Color (e.g. put a black bar under chat messages)
  • Pause Game for Story in Campaign
  • Hide non-interactive elements
  • Voice-over for Help, Menu and Installer texts
  • Text-to-speech chat

Multiplayer Game Settings


  • Close/Open Slot
  • Select AI for slot
  • Civilization
  • Player Number
  • Team
  • Ready?
  • View Tech Tree
  • Change Player Color
  • Select Starting Position
  • Change Difficulty per AI
  • Handicaps


  • Game Mode
  • Map Style
  • Location
  • Size

Game Rules

  • Data Set
  • Difficulty (for all AI Players)
  • Resources
  • Population limit
  • Game Speed
  • Reveal Map
  • Starting Age
  • Ending Age
  • Victory Condition
  • All Techs
  • Lock Speed
  • Allow Cheats
  • Record Game
  • Reset to default values
  • Time Limit
  • Pause Limit
  • Save current settings as default
  • Team shares population
  • Team shares resources
  • Team shares buildings
  • Allow Observer Chat
  • Rush Rules (peace until minute X)
  • Select Custom Mods/Scripts

Team Rules

  • Team Together
  • Lock Teams
  • Require Random Teams
  • Require Random Civilizations
  • Hide Players' Civilizations
  • Transfer resources after defeat


  • Change Lobby Name
  • Single Queue
  • Multi Queue
  • Connect to IP
  • Invite Player
  • Change Visibility
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