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Last active Nov 3, 2021
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Validating Wi-Fi connection - UI Automator Medium article
// ...
// BySelector matching the just added Wi-Fi
val ssidSelector = By.text(ssid).res("android:id/title")
// BySelector matching the connected status
val status = By.text("Connected").res("android:id/summary")
// BySelector matching on entry of Wi-Fi list with the desired SSID and status
val networkEntrySelector = By.clazz(RelativeLayout::class.qualifiedName)
// Perform the validation using hasObject
// Wait up to 5 seconds to find the element we're looking for
val isConnected = device.wait(Until.hasObject(networkEntrySelector), 5000)
Assert.assertTrue("Verify if device is connected to added Wi-Fi", isConnected)
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