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Last active Dec 23, 2015
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WP Trac hit list

WP Trac Hit List

This needs to be written down somewhere outside of my currently open browser tabs, and I see no reason not to share it. Inclusion in the list does not necessarily mean I'm working on a patch, just that it's on my mind. If you're looking for something specific to work on and are looking for a starting point, one of these might be for you.


  • #25408: Ability to specify that a list table column is "primary"
  • #26302: Specify display priority for list table columns
  • #25284: Support tax queries using term_taxonomy_id without specifying a taxonomy
  • #24859: Media Library does not have a loading indicator
  • #14877: Ability to create exclusive custom taxonomies
  • #18523: Can't change page permalink if slug metabox is removed
  • #25459: Provide more meaningful links in Edit Post/Page
  • #25348: Autocomplete for Add New Site → Admin Email
  • #22768: EXIF/IPTC captions should populate caption/post_excerpt on upload, not description/post_content
  • #23233: Radio Button instead of Checkboxes on Comment Moderation option?
  • #26060: Add and utilize :nth-child() selectors rather than the .alt(ernate) classes
  • #20946: NA Dash: Improve 'Right Now' in Network Admin
  • #16413: Settings page needs HTML refactoring and UI improvements
  • #18801: Accessibility Enhancements to Settings API


Wish list / thoughts / not-yet-opened tickets

  • Really good blogroll widget replacement (via Matt/WPNYC meetup)

Feature plugins

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