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Elena Levy

UX UI | & Visual Designer | New York, NY | |

Fascinated by people and their behaviors, I always want to know when, how, and why they make their decisions. I’m an enthusiastic design professional with a multicultural background and experience in branding, advertising, and visual communications. I feel the happiest learning new things and helping solve problems that matter to the world.


UX UI Consultant | Go Koala | Oct 2020 | New York

  • Conducted user interviews and usability testings
  • Synthesized usability testing reports
  • Created Persona based on research synthesis
  • Conducted A/B testing
  • Delivered mid-fidelity wireframes for the landing page based on usability testing results

UX Fellow | General Assembly UX Design Immersive | Aug 2020 – Nov 2020 | New York

Participated in a full-time immersive UX Design Course, completing in-class projects and personal projects focused on real-world applications of design principles and best practices. Developed a portfolio of individually and collaboratively focused in-class projects including:

Foodie | Recipe Website | Conceptual Team Project | 2 weeks

Designed Foodie (Recipe Website) with the purpose of easing the recipe exploring and selection

  • Conducted user interviews and usability testing
  • Research synthesis and Persona based on it
  • Created mid-fi and hi-fi wireframes

Bind | Book Mobile App | Conceptual Team Project | 2 weeks

Created Bind (Book Mobile App) with the purpose of improving the reading experience and connecting like-minded readers

  • Conducted user interviews and usability testing
  • Worked on Affinity Map, Insights, Problem Statements, HMW
  • Worked on MosCow Map
  • Created Persona
  • Created mid-fi and hi-fi wireframes

Creative Designer | Visualhouse | Jul 2016 – Apr 2020 | New York

  • Created and developed brands for architecture, design, and the built environment
  • Participated in the creative pitches and brainstorming sessions
  • Produced wireframes, hi-fi mockups, and prototypes for responsive digital content
  • Collaborated with developer teams to control the quality and design execution of the final product
  • Redesigned 3 websites for the company’s sub-brands and implemented modern typography and layouts
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Marketing collateral (editorial, swag)

Art Director | Creative Designer | Self Employed | March 2013 – Jul 2016 | New York - Moscow

Developed and delivered efficient and effective design solutions. Won in a set of creative pitches working for design and marketing agencies. My clients included:

  • Coca-cola Hellenic (Greece)
  • Unistream Money Transfers (Cyprus)
  • StudyLab (Russia)
  • Nefteprombank (Russia), and other

Art Director | Graphic Designer | IMA | Dec 2011 – Mar 2013 | Moscow

  • Developed brand identities and campaign design, mainly for government campaigns
  • Participated in the company’s pitches and brainstorming sessions
  • Directed workflow and oversaw 5 freelance junior designers
  • Compiled a 93 pages Brand Book for Federal Tax Service

Head of Design Department | Unistream Bank | Oct 2006 – Feb 2011 | Moscow

  • Managed the work of the design department and delivered corporate design layouts
  • Directed workflow and oversaw 2 junior designers
  • Supported and developed the corporate brand
  • Created and developed the brand guide



  • Visual Design
  • Brand Design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Basic HTML/CSS


  • Affinity Mapping
  • Usability Testing
  • User Interviews
  • Market Research
  • Card Sorting
  • A/B Testing
  • Survey



  • Sketch
  • Figma
  • InVision
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Illustrator


General Assembly User Experience Design Immersive
Certificate UX Design

British Higher School of Design and Art
2-year/888-hour design program with a focus on Art Direction in Visual Communications.

Abramtsevo Art Industrial College
5-year art program with a focus on Fine and Ceramic Arts.
Bachelor’s degree in Ceramics

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