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ALttP Tips 'n Tricks

(These are kind of old now, I made them sometime in 2016..)

Tips 'n tricks

  • You can shovel up the flute while holding ^. No need to go <^ into > before pushing that Y button if you're below the tile.

  • Touch these flowers when spin speeding through this area, and Usain Bolt will never catch u: puush link.

  • After moldorm 2, you can door dash easy every single time. Just hold <v from your hook to the last block, untill Link is below the block. There's a really big window there for dashing, see puush link for the typical dashing spot.

  • You can cancel dash by just pressing/holding ^ in this situation: puush link.

  • If you're doing IPBJ with sword held right, it's very easy to adjust your Y coordinate using hammer buffers (pushing ^ or v and Y at the next frame).

  • During boss explosions, to avoid potential lag frames: Grab walls when you can. Don't do diagonal movements unless u need it to catch pendant or something. Don't hold sword out or do anything else.

  • When Ganon warps the first time in phase 4 (when you sometimes get a free spin before torch glitch), the length of the warp matters just as much as where he warps to. For example: Bottom far right pattern is free if he warps from bottom mid right, but "impossible" if he warps from far left.

  • You can mash your dpad for 3 things just in the first screen of the game (twice for text boxes, once for getting Link out of bed). Learn where that's possible throughout the game if you care about mashing optimally (can mash both dpad and face buttons at the same time.)

  • You can hold A in flute menu to go to DM. You can hold A and just tap < with a huge window to go to 8 too.

  • You can pre-hold A to instagrab switches (last room in escape and the switch before entering Swamp).

  • On the third overworld screen after Eastern (the bridge), hold <^ into the transition to never clink the guard. Similar on the screen before water dash on the way to desert, hold ^> to (usually) not clink the guard.

  • Bonking the wall right as the bird picks you up when you're fluting to TRock DM after doing Mire really does save a frame sometimes.

  • Sometimes, buffering a dpad input just to make Link face a certain way while picking up a pot or in a text can be useful:

    • v> right after picking up second pot in stalfos room, after picking up Book of Mudora, after going upstairs to the last torch room in GTower.

    • <^ after killing the second key guard in escape, after jumping down to enter TRock.

    • v after picking up second pot in post-gwg room.

  • The menu for switching to Ether before Mire can be done so: v, >, v.

  • The menu for switching to Cane of Byrna after using Quake Medallion to open TRock can be done so: v, >.

  • Take special care to pump fast in one tile wide staircases. It saves a lot to pump really good vs. pumping just good. Grind it, find techniques. I hold <^ down p hard with left thumb and vibrate right thumb on >. You need to do this with input display on (e.g. lttphack) to really understand if you're doing it right or not, and to measure different techniques.

  • If you are canceling a text box, and then doing an action like Dash or Flute or Mirror on the next frame, you can time the text cancel (I press L then R right afterwards to have two tries) into Y/A the next frame, instead of mashing it and probably losing 10f because you're not mashing one button fast enough. I personally time most text cancels where I can't mash all 4 face buttons anyways.

  • Learning to time arrows is worth it for both consistency and speed, but can be harder at first. (Armos, Vitty, Mimics etc.) Same with picking up bushes, rocks etc. and throwing them.

Room strats

  • Ice palace penguin room: These are p good cues: puush link. You release at the end there.

  • DM: The main key to not get hit in DM on the way to Hera is to be fast. Dash as soon as old man goes into cave. Cancel ^ right below stairs. Slash immediately and do the spin speed as fast as you can. Pump af up the stairs. Similarily, do the hook dash sword climb on Mire/TRock DM ASAP (I slash before I even touch the stairs, and try to hookdash on first frame possible). In my opinion, these screens are some of the most important ones in the game, but it's an easy screen to neglect practicing sufficiently.


  • Escape and Eastern doesn't matter. Mere rain drops in the pool of frames you're losing in endgame. (Though hard to not be salty on bad starts...) You probably lost 6s to some stupid thing in your PB - just don't do that one stupid thing and your 558 escape is remedied!

  • Have fun.

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