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ALttP GTower Clip as Bunny

Getting to the initial position

  • If you do this the no EG way, you will come from the top holding v> initially. If you go v at the correct time, you can gain 1 or 2 pixels before even starting to clip! Basically saves you from doing 1 or 2 clips. Youtube video.

  • If you don't get the above trick, you can nudge < into v to move 1 pixel, faster than the time you would spend on a buffer most of the time. Youtube video.

Getting to position 2

  • From the starting position, it's 6x alternating <^ and v. Youtube Video. Of course, if you can gain a pixel or two as described in the previous paragraphs, there will be 4x or 5x of those instead.

  • After the last one (after the 6th <^), hold v and tap <. Bunny should be nudging around on the left side by doing this. (The < tap should be done while holding v.) Sometimes, it won't work, and Link will not change positions. Just do it again untill it works (usually works on first try). Youtube video.

  • There's three alternating coordinates (when holding v). All of them act exactly the same as far as this clip is concerned, so no cues needed, except noticing the Bunny is nudging about on the left side.

Getting to position 3

  • In any of the three coordinates, you can hold ^ for up to 4 frames before going <^, and they all work exactly the same as going <^ immediately. So to start your <^, theres no real need for a buffer. Just make sure you hit the ^ button just before your < button, and you should be fine. Youtube Video.

  • If you want the perfect GTower clip, you need to stop on one of 2 coordinates, which you should learn the visual cues for. Stop by menuing to hammer if you're doing no EG (which you should). Top pixel and Bottom pixel.

  • If you dont end up on those 2 coordinates, you can just tap v untill you get a good coordinate. Youtube Video. (There is actually more than 2 good coordinates for this technique, but I only like two of them :-)

  • My general cue is 1px of visible ground/shadow between wall and bunny ears.

Entering GTower

  • To enter GTower, you first have to jump off the ledge by holding >v. After the jump, you just need to do one frame of > before you can ascend into the tower by holding ^.

  • For the jump, doing one frame of > into >v is safe for all the ending coordinates I've tried on. Same with doing one frame of v into >v. So if you hit your dpad hard enough, I've found buffer not to be needed to do this. But if you feel like it, you can pause or select first.

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