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helloromero / instagramunfollowers.js
Created Aug 10, 2022 — forked from Acesmndr/instagramunfollowers.js
Get Instagram Unfollowers: Get a list of people whom you follow but who do not follow you back on Instagram as well as the list of people who follow you but whom you don't follow back!
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// Gist by Rev 2.1.2 May 15, 2019
// go to your insta profile page (not the home page). It looks something like this:
// Open javascript console "Ctrl + Shift + i" in Windows/Linux and "Cmd + option + i" in Mac.
// Paste the entire code below to the console and hit enter
// You will get the list of people whom you follow but who don't follow you back and viceversa as well as the entire list of followers and following
var following = [],
followers = [],
followersCount = 0,
followingCount = 0,
helloromero / RouteIndicator.mjs
Created May 15, 2021 — forked from jaydenseric/RouteIndicator.js
A route change indicator for Next.js using React hooks.
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import Router from 'next/router'
import React from 'react'
const DONE_DURATION = 250
export const RouteIndicator = () => {
const [loading, setLoading] = React.useState(null)
const [timeoutId, setTimeoutId] = React.useState(null)
const onLoad = () => setLoading(true)
helloromero / register-graph-piece.php
Created Jul 10, 2020 — forked from jdevalk/register-graph-piece.php
This is the code used to generate the Event Schema for YoastCon
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* Adds Schema pieces to our output.
* @param array $pieces Graph pieces to output.
* @param \WPSEO_Schema_Context $context Object with context variables.
* @return array $pieces Graph pieces to output.
helloromero / gist:6a9f8c9e015cddf16c343ec4326fb230
Created Apr 4, 2019 — forked from jaredhirsch/gist:c9be82b168c5c823b407
how to delete your tweets just using your browser, no oauth required
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// 1. go to your twitter feed with tweets and replies
// for example, mine was
// 2. scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.
// I suppose you could automate this with JS, but I didn't.
// this function will delete tweets you can delete, i.e. not retweets:
function deleteTweets() {
// find the next delete button in the DOM (next deletable tweet)
// and click the delete button. I wanted to keep the first tweet,
// which is why the index here is 1.
if (!$('.js-actionDelete').length) {
from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
import time
import random
import sys
def print_same_line(text):
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var delete_action_el = "btn primary-btn delete-action";
var delete_button_el = "js-actionDelete";
// Scroll
setInterval(function () {
window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight);
}, 1000);
var _tweets = document.getElementsByClassName(delete_button_el);
helloromero / gist:d97a74c279fcbec8acaf4de3ecdd1eec
Created Jul 4, 2018
Hide after submitted (requieres js-cookie)
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$(function() {
var collect_chat_completed = Cookies.get('collect_chat_completed');
if (collect_chat_completed == "true" && !Cookies.get('collect_chat_timer')) {
Cookies.set('collect_chat_timer', 'true', { expires: 1 });
Cookies.set('collect_chat_completed', 'true', { expires: 1 });
Cookies.set('collect_chat_closed', 'true', { expires: 1 });
if (Cookies.get('collect_chat_completed') == "true") {
helloromero /
Created Feb 14, 2018 — forked from tzmartin/
Embedded File Viewer: Google Drive, OneDrive

Office Web Apps Viewer

('.ppt' '.pptx' '.doc', '.docx', '.xls', '.xlsx')[OFFICE_FILE_URL]

<iframe src='[OFFICE_FILE_URL]' width='px' height='px' frameborder='0'>

OneDrive Embed Links

helloromero / _center.mixin.scss
Created Nov 13, 2017 — forked from kieranmv95/_center.mixin.scss
Center anything horizontally vertically or on both axis in scss
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// Center anything horizontally, vertically or both (assuming that the parents position is set to relative)
// Codepen Example Usage:
@mixin center($center: 'all') {
position: absolute;
@if $center == 'all' {
top: 50%;
left: 50%;
transform: translate(-50%, -50%);
helloromero / gist:02c9de82e38d75a8aa13923815d0ebdd
Created Feb 8, 2017 — forked from lucasfais/gist:1207002
Sublime Text 2 - Useful Shortcuts
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Sublime Text 2 – Useful Shortcuts (Mac OS X)


⌘T go to file
⌘⌃P go to project
⌘R go to methods
⌃G go to line
⌘KB toggle side bar
⌘⇧P command prompt