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Last active March 29, 2019 10:47
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Ballerina service to get quotes from Game of Thrones(with annotations and trimmed)
import ballerina/http;
import ballerina/log;
import ballerinax/kubernetes;
import ballerinax/openshift;
@openshift:Route {
host: ""
@kubernetes:Service {}
listener http:Listener gotServiceEP = new(9090); // ballerina service endpoint
http:Client gotQuoteAPI = new(""); // game of thrones API endpoint
@kubernetes:Deployment {
namespace: "got-quote-proj",
registry: "",
buildImage: false,
buildExtension: "openshift"
@http:ServiceConfig {
basePath: "/got" // basepath for my service
service gotService on gotServiceEP {
# Validates character.
# + character - Game of Thrones character.
# + return - Untainted character or error if invalid character.
function validateCharacter(string character) returns string|error {
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