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hemna/devstack tmux

Created Feb 14, 2018
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# This tmux script is to be used in conjunction with running devstack
# services. After devstack is up, this script opens up a tmux session
# with windows for every devstack service that tails the journalctl log
# for that service
cmd_dir="$(dirname "$(readlink -e ${0})")"
active_sessions=`tmux ls 2>/dev/null | grep ${session}`
services=`systemctl | grep devstack | awk '{if ($1 ~ /^devstack\@/) print $1;}'`
journal_cmd="journalctl -a -f --unit"
# see if we have an existing session with that name.
# If we do, use it, and don't create new windows.
# This prevents our tmux session from getting new windows
# to each vm every time we fire up
if [[ ${active_sessions:0:${#session}} == ${session} ]];
# We already have a session running with that name. use it.
${DEBUG:+echo} tmux select-window -t :0
${DEBUG:+echo} tmux attach -d -t "${session}"
${DEBUG:+echo} tmux new -d -s "${session}"
for service in $services
${DEBUG:+echo} tmux neww -n "${service}" "${journal_cmd} ${service}"
${DEBUG:+echo} tmux select-window -t :0
${DEBUG:+echo} tmux attach -d -t "${session}"
exit 0

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@hemna hemna commented Feb 14, 2018


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