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Created February 16, 2012 18:55
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Testing Draper decorators with real helpers, including URL helpers.
require "spec_helper"
# :draper_with_helpers is necessary for the Draper objects
# to access real helpers, including URL helpers, in the spec.
describe MyDecorator, "#foo", :draper_with_helpers do
# This is necessary for the spec itself to use URL helpers
# like some_path().
include Rails.application.routes.url_helpers
let(:item) { }
subject { }
it { should include some_path(item) }
RSpec.configure do |config|
config.treat_symbols_as_metadata_keys_with_true_values = true
# Make helpers, including link helpers, work with Draper in specs.
# NOTE: You may need to change ":all" to ":each" for this to work. See Gist comments.
config.before(:all, :draper_with_helpers) do
c =
c.request =
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bdotdub commented Feb 16, 2012

Thank you!

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niuage commented Mar 19, 2012

Thanks :)

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Thank you! I don't know why, but I had to change 'before(:all)' to 'before(:each)' - only then it worked.

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niuage commented Mar 23, 2012

I think there is an underlying problem with your setup santuxus, it works fine with before :all. It will make your tests slower if you have to do that for every tests.

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I'm hitting the same problem as @santuxus where an :each filter was required.
It looks like Draper's RSpec integration is clobbering the :all filter.

config.around do |example|
  if :decorator == example.metadata[:type]

I'm not sure if injecting the TestRequest in the around block is too heavy handed, but it seems to fix the problem for me.

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zetetic commented May 11, 2012

I too had to use :each instead of :all to make this work.

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This is not working since this commit. This fork seems to do the trick.

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