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The news bulletin about cyber attacks we sent to our company users.

You may have heard about cyber attacks in the news.

The data in <the service we provide> is well protected from attacks.

We also recommend that you protect your own computers, so you don't risk losing important data. You should do two things:

1. Back up important data. You can put important files in Dropbox or Google Drive, or back up your entire computer with something like Crashplan. In case of theft, catastrophy or the recent kind of cyber attacks, it's not enough to have backup only on your own machine (like Apple's "Time Machine"). You should have backups to "the cloud" (another computer on the Internet).

2. Keep your computers updated. Make sure automatic updates are turned on in Windows or macOS (also known as OS X). If your computer asks you whether it should be updated or restarted, make sure to do that within a few days. The recent cyber attacks could have been avoided if the computers had been updated within the last month.

We're afraid we cannot offer personal support for your own computers, but please contact whoever is responsible for IT at your company if you need assistance.

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