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Export modified (not original) photos from to a folder, to work around a screensaver bug.
-- Works around a bug where Photos screensavers show original rather than edited versions:
-- This script exports edited versions to a folder, which the screensaver can then be configured to use.
-- Run it on a schedule e.g. via crontab.
-- By Henrik Nyh <> under the MIT licence.
set albumName to "Skärmsläckare" -- Export from this album.
set exportFolder to POSIX file (do shell script "echo ~/Library/original_photos_for_screensaver") -- To this folder.
-- We don't delete via Finder, to avoid filling up the trash.
do shell script "rm -rf " & quoted form of (POSIX path of exportFolder)
tell application "Photos"
with timeout of 3600 seconds
export (get media items of album albumName) to exportFolder
end timeout
end tell
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