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jQuery checkbox utilities: check range, master toggle box, check/uncheck all.
// jQuery checkbox utility plugin.
// Triggers "change" events on the checkboxes.
// By Henrik Nyh <> 2009-04-27 under the MIT License.
(function($) {
function makeChecked($checkboxes, checked) {
return $checkboxes.prop("checked", checked).trigger("change");
// Check a range of boxes by clicking one, then another while holding Shift or Command.
// Code from
// modified to support Command and so it can be reapplied after JS re-sort without issues.
// $('#container :checkbox').enableCheckboxRangeSelection();
$.fn.enableCheckboxRangeSelection = function() {
var lastCheckbox = null;
var $spec = this;
$spec.bind("click.checkboxrange", function(e) {
if (lastCheckbox != null && (e.shiftKey || e.metaKey)) {
var $checkboxes = $spec.slice(
Math.min($spec.index(lastCheckbox), $spec.index(,
Math.max($spec.index(lastCheckbox), $spec.index( + 1
lastCheckbox =;
return $spec;
// $(':checkbox').checkAll();
$.fn.checkAll = function() {
return makeChecked($(this), true);
// $(':checkbox').uncheckAll();
$.fn.uncheckAll = function() {
return makeChecked($(this), false);
// Master checkbox that can check/uncheck other checkboxes:
// $('#slaves :checkbox').checkAllWith('#master:checkbox');
jQuery.fn.checkAllWith = function(master) {
$slaves = $(this);
$master = $(master);
// If the control box is initially checked, check the others, but not the other way around.
if ($master.prop('checked')) {
makeChecked($slaves, true);
(function($master, $slaves) { // Closure to allow multiple checkAllWith in one page
$ {
makeChecked($slaves, !!$master.prop('checked'));
})($master, $slaves);
return $slaves;

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rmariuzzo commented Jun 20, 2013

Nice! I have the shift-selection feature done into a jQuery plugin, but I'm using the $.fn.prop instead of $.fn.attr. Take a look at it and if you feel like contributing you are welcome:


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henrik commented Oct 24, 2017

Changed attr -> prop in the Gist for compatibility with jQuery 1.9+.

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