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What would you like to do? Rename albums to zeropad numbers. Use case: Relying on sorted events and migrating from iPhoto which sorted "100" after "2" to Photos which didn't.
tell application "Photos"
repeat with theAlbum in albums of folder "Events"
set theName to name of theAlbum
-- Zeropad initial numbers, e.g. turning "12.3 Hi" into "0012.3 Hi".
set newName to (do shell script "ruby -e 'n = ARGV.first; num, rest = n.split(%{.}, 2); puts num.match?(/\\A\\d+\\z/) && rest ? [ num.rjust(4, %{0}), rest ].join(%{.}) : n' " & (quoted form of theName))
set name of theAlbum to newName
end repeat
end tell
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