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Last active Dec 26, 2015


Rails intro course retrospective notes

2013-10-23 12:30-13:30 at Barsoom HQ


  • Albert Ramstedt
  • Gunnar Djurberg
  • Henrik Nyh
  • Joakim Kolsjö
  • Karl Eklund
  • Mikael Muszynski
  • Mike Burns
  • Tomas Skogberg


  • Mike and Mikael had some feedback from students and it was all positive.
  • Don't pronounce it "Free Rails intercourse".
  • 4 times a year is fine, let's keep doing that.

Things we might do now

  • Add a second event at the same time and place as the upcoming Project Night, something like "Rails intro course follow-up help session" [Mike]
  • Send a mail to students [Gunnar]
    • We can do that via Meetup
    • We could possibly get names from the reception desk since we had "+1"s and some people signed in
    • Contents:
  • Link site to discussions [Henrik]
  • The noise level was a bit high. Talk to the venue about that. [Mike]
  • Lighting wasn't great. Mike has talked to the venue, ETA is January.
  • Start using the discussion forum for discussions around arranging meetups. See if it's good enough. Possible alternatives: Discourse forum, IRC, mailing list. [Everyone]
  • Use a private GitHub repo for things like contact lists? Or perhaps Google Docs or Dropbox?

Things we could improve next time

  • Spread the word even better:
    • Contact universities beyond KTH (Datasektionen). E.g. Stockholms universitet, Nackademin. Try to have someone say a few words before a lecture.
    • Twitter - try to get access to @sthlmrb on Twitter [Henrik]
    • Our Facebook group
  • Get contact info from students so we can mail them afterwards.
  • Maybe tweak the name. "Free Rails course: build a web app in 2 hours"?
  • Encourage students and coaches to use the discussion forum.
  • The follow-up event should be a week or less after the intro course.
  • Explicitly state that students should raise their hand when they need help, so coaches know where to go.
  • Have a host/greeter for coaches, not just students.
  • Have written instructions or a checklist for coaches. "Every event we run should have a checklist." - Mike
  • Announce breaks every now and then. Coaches can discuss common problems, students can relax and mingle.
  • In the introduction, mention further goals beyond the first one, to encourage people to stay around even if they finish that one.
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