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Using specific config settings with TestActorRef
import akka.testkit.TestActorRef
import org.scalatest.matchers.MustMatchers
import org.scalatest.WordSpec
import com.typesafe.config.ConfigFactory
import{Actor, ActorSystem}
class Example2 extends WordSpec with MustMatchers {
implicit val actorSystem = ActorSystem("TestSystem", ConfigFactory.parseString("""{ test.value = "Hey, it works!" }"""))
"TestKit" must {
"allow for specific values in actor systems" in {
val theActor = TestActorRef[TestActor2]
theActor ! "test"
class TestActor2 extends Actor {
def receive = {
case _ => println(">>> Status: " + context.system.settings.config.getString("test.value"))
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