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New HelloAkka example
import{ ActorRef, ActorSystem, Props, Actor, ActorLogging }
import scala.concurrent.duration._
object Common {
case class Greeting(greeting: String)
object Greeter {
def props(message: String, printerActor: ActorRef): Props = Props(new Greeter(message, printerActor))
case object Greet
case class WhoToGreet(who: String)
class Greeter(message: String, printerActor: ActorRef) extends Actor {
import Greeter._
import Common._
var greeting = ""
def receive = {
case WhoToGreet(who) => greeting = s"$message, $who"
case Greet => printerActor ! Greeting(greeting) // Send the current greeting back to the sender
object Printer {
def props: Props = Props[Printer]
class Printer extends Actor with ActorLogging {
import Common._
def receive = {
case Greeting(greeting) =>"Greeting received (from ${sender()}): $greeting")
object HelloAkka extends App {
import Greeter._
// Create the 'helloakka' actor system
val system = ActorSystem("helloakka")
// Create the printer actor
val printer = system.actorOf(Printer.props, "printerActor")
// Create the 'greeter' actors
val howdiGreeter = system.actorOf(Greeter.props("Howdi", printer), "howdiGreeter")
val helloGreeter = system.actorOf(Greeter.props("Hello", printer), "helloGreeter")
val goodDayGreeter = system.actorOf(Greeter.props("Good day", printer), "goodDayGreeter")
howdiGreeter ! WhoToGreet("Akka")
howdiGreeter ! Greet
howdiGreeter ! WhoToGreet("Lightbend")
howdiGreeter ! Greet
helloGreeter ! WhoToGreet("Scala")
helloGreeter ! Greet
goodDayGreeter ! WhoToGreet("Play")
goodDayGreeter ! Greet
system.terminate() onComplete {
case _ => System.exit(0)
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