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How to integrate .aar file to Eclipse

How to integrate .aar file to Eclipse

  • Download .aar file from bintray, you will get an .aar file: bluecats-android-sdk-${version}.aar
  • Change the extension to .zip from .aar, and unzip it into bluecats-android-sdk folder, for example.
  • In the folder bluecats-android-sdk, you will see a .jar file: classes.jar, change the name to a meaningful name, like bluecats-android-sdk.jar, copy it to your Eclipse project's "libs" folder.
  • In the folder bluecats-android-sdk/jni, you will see several ABI folders, copy all the folders into your Eclipse project's "libs" folder.
  • Your "libs" folder of eclipse project looks like this:

  • Add bluecats-android-sdk.jar to your build path of eclipse project.
  • Merge manually the AndroidManifest.xml into your own AndroidManifest.xml to include the permission and service declarations.
  • add necessary 3rd party libraries: Gson, android Support

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mahdi-malv commented Mar 25, 2019

What about the resources?

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