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Last active August 29, 2015 13:56
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# Install SimPy
import urllib
import tarfile
import shutil
import console
import os
name = 'sympy'
version = '0.7.5'
# It is easy to install any pypi pure python package, for example:
# name = 'simpy'
# version = '3.0.2'
fullname = name+'-'+version
print 'Downloading '+name+'...'
url = ''+name+'/'+fullname+'.tar.gz'
urllib.urlretrieve(url, 'packget.tar.gz')
print 'Extracting...'
t ='packget.tar.gz')
if os.path.isdir(name):
shutil.move(fullname+'/'+name, './'+name)
print 'Cleaning up...'
print 'Done.'
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cclauss commented Jun 19, 2014

Sympy is now a builtin module in Pythonista 1.5.

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