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Henry Schreiner henryiii

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Last active Apr 22, 2019 — forked from jpivarski/
Functional histogram slice proposal
import numbers
import math
import numpy
class Binning:
"Abstract superclass of all binning types. Only Regular is implemented."
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
raise NotImplementedError
henryiii /
Last active Feb 15, 2017 — forked from vidavidorra/
Auto-deploying Doxygen documentation to gh-pages with Travis CI

Auto-deploying Doxygen documentation to gh-pages with Travis CI

This explains how to setup for GitHub projects which automatically generates Doxygen code documentation and publishes the documentation to the gh-pages branch using Travis CI. This way only the source files need to be pushed to GitHub and the gh-pages branch is automatically updated with the generated Doxygen documentation.

Sign up for Travis CI and add your project

Get an account at Travis CI. Turn on Travis for your repository in question, using the Travis control panel.

Create a clean gh-pages branch

To create a clean gh-pages branch, with no commit history, from the master branch enter the code below in the Git Shell. This will create a gh-pages branch with one file, the in it. It doesn't really matter what file is uploaded in it since it will be overwritten when the automatically generated documentation is published to th

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